Tourist Information

Enjoy a wonderful visit to Granada from the air!

Granada is the name of a lovely town and one of the eight gorgeous provinces of Andalusia, the most southern region in Europe. Nevertheless, because of its situation, 738 mts above sea level and with the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula,  Sierra Nevada, on its back, Granada has rather cold winter, particularly in the early morning and when the sun sets.

By the way, when visiting Granada Bill Clinton said that it has the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen. In fact, it is not exactly the sun what you can see from El Mirador de San Nicolás but its reflection on the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada, and it is absolutely wonderful. Although rain is very much wanted here, we hope it will be sunny any of those days so you can enjoy the delightful experience from there and from El Mirador de San Cristobal or any other lovely place in Albayzin.

There are many more, but here you have at  least 10 things you cannot miss in Granada and its province and virtual visits that may trigger a wish to expand your stay before or after the study visit. In any case, the top thing to do when planning a visit to Granada must be experiencing The Alhambra with all your senses.