Our Educational System

About our educational system: 
The link below offers what we hope is a useful presentation for you to have a general view of Spanish educative system,  focusing on the characteristics of Andalusia.

You can have the most complete information from the official web of Ministry of Education on Spanish Educative system, logically in Spanish:


Also you can find information in English on the structure of our educative system in the net of EuroEducation, The European Education Directory:  http://www.euroeducation.net/prof/spainco.htm

There is important general information on Vocational Training in the web of the Ministry of Eudcation or the web of the Regional Ministry of Education of Andalusia (Consejería de Educación) (in Spanish, too):



Some statitical data about Andalusian education:

You can also learn about education in Spain in wikipedia, entrance by Ministry of Education: