Conclusions +

We would like to THANK all the participants in this study visit for their extremely enriching contribution to the sessions. We have learned and enjoyed meeting you all and we hope it has also been a good experience for you.

As a conclusion of this visit we intend to use this blog for further contacts and networking. We will also use it to exchange links, materials and future requests.

Also a big THANK YOU to the schools that have taken part in this study visit, thanks a lot for the hospitality and warm welcome and for sharing their experience with everybody.

We hope to keep in touch with you through this blog. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

The organizers
Isabel and Sacra


2 Responses to Conclusions +

  1. Thank you all for organising such a stimulating and successful visit! The visits were very well judged and I am really grateful to all the schools for opening their doors to us and treating us with such friendship and openness. And it was very uplifting to be with participants from all over Europe working together in such a harmonious way and sharing ideas!

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