IES Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
IES Pedro Antonio de Alarcón


Medium Grade Techniques


Brief description of the school

Our school is located on the East of Guadix. It has excellent access to the A-92 (highway) towards Granada. It is 8 kilometers from Benalúa, 5.5 km from Jerez Purullena and 16 from Jeréz del Marquesado.

Guadix offers an excellent location for the practice of physical and sports activities in the natural environment. The town of Guadix is located on a plateao surrounded by mountain ranges, many of them, protected areas. In these places we develop the practical activities of our Vocational Training.

To the South we have Sierra Nevada National Park, Nature Park and Biosphere Reserve. Municipalities such as the Jérez, Lugros, Aldeire, La Calahorra, Alquife or Ferreira, are less than an hour pedaling from the secondary school. Well known activities that Sierra Nevada offers are: Alpine skiing, Cross country skiing (port of Ragua), crossing with crampons, hiking with snowshoes, etc

To the East we have the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, which continues the Sierra de los Filabres.
To the West the Natural Park of Sierra Arana Huétor with a peak above 2000 meters.
To the North, in the province of Jaén, Sierra Magina.
To the North-West, also in the province of Jaen, the Natural Park “Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.
As for reservoirs, the closest is the reservoir Francisco Abellán, which is less than an hour away by bike.

Our school is participating this year in a Comenius project, involving the following countries:
Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Poland. The Objectives are to analyze our past history, customs, culture and cuisine, analyzing the causes of unemployment and immigration in the area, to promote our region, tourist and business opportunities.

In our center we are developing a bilingual project, in which part of the curriculum of the participating subjects are developed jointly in English and Spanish.
This will be our year-3 in the first year integrated modules:
“Riding on horseback groups and basic horse care” and  “Group Dynamics”.
In the second we´ve incorporated the subject of:
“Management, administration and marketing a small business.”
This year we want to strengthen the existing modules and explore other expansion options, such as working on other modules:
“Physical activity for people with disabilities”
“Sector of physical activity in Andalusia”
Using information and communication tools for to work in this subjects.

We are motivated to participate in this program the objective of our cycle is oriented towards leisure and active tourism, in which the possibility of communicating in a foreign language is essential to us, and to also improve the chances of promotion in the work environment.

All activities and tasks performed in English are always taken into account to improve the assessment of our students, we focus primarily on linguistics and communication, helping our students to improve their fluency in a foreign language and help them to adapt to opportunities.