IES Francisco Giner de los Ríos

Francisco Giner de los Rios” Secondary School  is a bilingual school, located in Motril, on the Granada coast. It was founded in 1997 and because of the bad conditions and the lack of space of the old building, in 2000 it was built in another part  of the town and thanks to the construction of the new building we have much better  facilities. At present,  it is the most modern secondary school in the town and during these last years it has experienced a remarkable increase of foreign students from 15 different nationalities. Our school has got 633 students and 55 teachers.

We teach compulsory education, baccalaureat and vocational training education. The vocational tracks offered at the school are:

-Community services (middle  level )

-Travel agencies and event management (high level )

Our students do internships in national and international companies  every year.

Since last year we have had annual exchanges for secondary education students with “Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium” in Hurtz, Germany. This enables our students to enrich their cultural and linguistic knowledge.

 Our school bilingual programme, which started in 2010, is offered in compulsory education as well as in vocational training fortravel agency studies.

The programme focuses on the design of teaching and other educational services for bilingual/bicultural children and adults, having the goal of producing bilingual/bicultural individuals who will have to live in a very competitive world..

Our programme utilises the most modern technology (ICT)in order to provide students with those communication abilities so needed in our modern labour market.

Our aim is to help students acquire the basic skills of communication: speaking, reading, writing, listening  in both English and Spanish.  

 Our school also provides a wide range of educational programmes:

-Linguistic adaptation aimed at foreign students not fluent in the Spanish language.

– Equal opportunities for men and women.

-Encouragement for students in reading.

-School sports.

-Support clases for teens.


Poster of the Travel Agencies and Event Management Cycle